Affordable Driving Lessons

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Do you offer more than 2 hours of driving?
Yes. We offer programs with 2 - 40 hours of driving. Driving hours can always be added later based on your needs.

Is there someone else in the car beside the instructor while I am driving?
No. Your lessons will always be one-on-one.

Do you do pick-ups at home?
Pick-ups and drop-offs from your home is always an option. 

Are ADL's vehicles used to take my driver's test?

What are the steps to get your MO driver's license?

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Am I required to keep track of my road hours at home?
Yes. Click here to see the Parent/Student Driving Log.
What is the benefit of doing a driver's safe driving education course?
Completing a full driver's education program will prepare you for a safe future on the road. Also many insurance companies recognize this program for student discounts.